Geoffrey Doig-Marx

Educator, Choreographer, Director, Mentor, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Mentor, CEO, Alchemist, Renaissance Man

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Named one of  “Nine Dancemakers Making History” 
 …Cover Story Dance Spirit Magazine
 Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)- currently a member of the faculty at Marymount Manhattan College (18 …

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From the Celtic tradition, the word “Elan” translates as “flight”.


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The 2000 Elan Awards The 2000 Elan Awards

Geoffrey Doig-Marx, Carolla Dost, and
Stacee Raber
The 2000 Elan Awards
Honoring Choreographer
Graciela Daniele
With Special Guests
Susan Lucci
Hope Clarke

The 2000 Elan Awards Choreographers are:

Jay T. Jenkins
Roxanna Young
Maritza Mercado Narcisse
Tracie Stanfield
Lonne Moretton
Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Joe Orrach
Aszure Barton
Vera Huff
Teri and Oliver Steele
Mark Lusk
Lonne …