Geoffrey Doig-Marx

Educator, Choreographer, Director, Mentor, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Mentor, CEO, Alchemist, Renaissance Man

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Named one of  “Nine Dancemakers Making History” 
 …Cover Story Dance Spirit Magazine
 Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)- currently a member of the faculty at Marymount Manhattan College (18 …

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Spamalot! The Reviews are in!!!! It’s a Smash hit!

Spamalot! The Reviews are in!!!! It’s a Smash hit!

Spamalot’ captures bizarre comedy of Monty Python

The score is fun throughout and the ensemble is excellent as theydo justice to the superlative high-energy choreography of Geoffrey Doig-Marx…Bob Goepfert The Record

Spamalot’ riotous fun at Park Playhouse 

By Steve Barnes The Times Union

ALBANY — If “Cabaret” last summer was Park Playhouse’s most mature, sophisticated and artistically seamless production in the company’s history, this year’s 25th-anniversary show, “Monty Python’s Spamalot,” is its most willfully immature, which is just as it should be given the inspired silliness of the material. And it, too, is a milestone artistic achievement for Park Playhouse.

LoPorto reunites with choreographer Geoffrey Doig-Marx, and together they give the ensemble plenty of funny business and goofy yet grand dance numbers to perform on a gorgeous, effective set designed by William Davis and built by Andy Smith at Upstate Scenic.

Spamalot’s a hit!!

The never-ending movements from choreographer Geoffrey Doig-Marx keep things fun and fast! The goof ball meets Broadway inspired choreography from “Knights of the Round Table” where King Arthur and his crew go to a Las Vegas styled casino had the audience in stitches, while other large numbers such as “His Name Is Lancelot” and “You Won’t Succeed on Broadway” provided bellowing belly laughs

By Andrew Sober Discover Albany

Frenetic fun: Python invades Park Playhouse with ‘Spamalot’

This is the perfect production for Park Playhouse!

By Amy Durant The Daily Gazette

Picture by: T.R. Laz –