Geoffrey Doig-Marx

Educator, Choreographer, Director, Mentor, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Mentor, CEO, Alchemist, Renaissance Man

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Named one of  “Nine Dancemakers Making History” 
 …Cover Story Dance Spirit Magazine
 Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)- currently a member of the faculty at Marymount Manhattan College (18 …

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Interview with GDM from Next Magazine

Interview with GDM from Next Magazine

Next Magazine Interview with GDM

(A selection from Geoffrey Doig-Marx’s exhibition at Posh, “Bound Voyeuristic Dreams.”)

Dancer/choreographer turned painter turned photographer Geoffrey Doig-Marx has lived a roller-coaster ride of a life. Put up for adoption at six months of age, he then ran away from his adoptive parents at 15 and landed in New York in the mid-’80s. “My goal was to be a dancer for either a modern company or on Broadway,” he says.

Amazingly, he achieved his goal by starting his own dance company—and even got a fairytale ending to his Cinderella story by marrying the love of his life. Tonight, Posh (the bar where, coincidentally, he met his Prince Charming) presents Doig-Marx’s first photography exhibition, “Bound Voyeuristic Dreams”, an exploration of the young male form. “I am over the moon with excitement,” he boasts.

Artistic Inspiration:

“A year ago I married my husband [and] moved to Harlem where we went from living for four years together in a 600-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side to 1,300 square feet in Harlem with 12-foot ceilings. We had a huge wall in the living room and I wanted to create a painting. My husband asked if I ever painted before and after I told him ‘no,’ he got me a canvas and wished me luck. I now have over 100 paintings and hundreds of photographs.”

Unconventional Techniques:

“I had to laugh; I would ask my dancer friends to come up, take off their clothes and then I would paint them. The look on their faces when I would pull out my phone was priceless. I felt like the punch line to every New York City “run for your life” story. I had a modeling agency approach me and I turned them down. Can you imagine me pulling out an iPhone at a photo shoot?”

From Tom of Finland to Boys in Body Paint:

“I also like to play with stereotypes that I grew up with. When I first got to New York the look of Tom of Finland was what defined gay life. I love to re-visit those images and they have influenced my recent work. I am currently putting together two books of male photos, one of them looking at the darker side of life and one of painted bodies. I have seen a lot in my brief life and have close friends that I met at the bars I worked at. I saw a lot of craziness and debauchery going on and I was fascinated by it. People let me get a look at their lives and I became the ultimate voyeur storing it away for the future.”

On Capturing the Male Form:

“I see the male body as a work of art and beauty. Coming from the dance world I am so used to seeing beautiful bodies. I look back at old shots of me and I was so young and in shape, and then realized it fades quickly. I wanted to capture the beauty of the models at this moment in time [on] film. I am attracted to the light and dark and the lines that form in the photographs. I also love to capture that brief moment when they let me see their souls.”

“Bound Voyeuristic Dreams” Opening Reception at Posh, 405 W 51st St (@ Ninth Ave), Dec 5 at 8pm; free. Visit or for more info.