Geoffrey Doig-Marx

Educator, Choreographer, Director, Mentor, Artist, Illustrator, Writer, Mentor, CEO, Alchemist, Renaissance Man

Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Named one of  “Nine Dancemakers Making History” 
 …Cover Story Dance Spirit Magazine
 Geoffrey Doig-Marx (GDM)- currently a member of the faculty at Marymount Manhattan College (18 …

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The Producers

The Producers

In the A Chorus Line-ish “I Wanna Be a Producer,” flashily choreographed by Geoffrey Doig-Marx to include a dozen gold-lame draped chorus girls tapping, including one obviously in need of a shave, some estrogen, and some dance lessons….James Yeara Metroland

One of the show’s key numbers, “I Wanna Be a Producer.” Choreographer Geoffrey Doig-Marx surrounded Jacoby with snazzy ensemble moves”…….. Michael Eck Times

But the hit of The Producers is “Springtime for Hitler,” which ranks as the funniest eye-popping and side-splitting scene in Park Playhouse’s 23-year history. It is an orgy of chotchkes worn in places few chotchkes have gone before; by the time the song hits its Busby Berkeley/June Taylor homage, in the capable hands/heads/rears/breasts of Park Playhouse’s chorus, “Springtime for Hitler” achieves a comedic panache I laughed about long into the night…..James Yeara Metroland

Throughout the evening the big dance numbers (including “Keep It Gay” and the totally over-the-top “Springtime for Hitler”) impressed in a spunky, ‘let’s put on a show’ way.……. Michael Eck Times

Geoffrey Doig-Marx’s “Springtime For Hitler” is a hoot……Bob Goepfert The Record

Director: Michael LoPorto, Choreography: Geoffrey Doig-Marx, Musical Direction: Justin P. Cowan, Artistic Director: Owen M. Smith

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