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Geoffrey Doig-Marx
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"One Tough Nut"

"One Tough Nut"

“One Tough Nut”

Geoffrey Doig-Marx is working on bringing this classic retelling of The Nutcracker to New York audiences. Read the Synopsis………..

by Geoffrey Doig-Marx
Act 1

Once upon a time in Bulgaria there was a young girl named Clara Darling, whose parents vanish while on a smelting trip in the Amazon Jungle. Suddenly and sadly, Clara becomes a ward of the state and is placed in Frauline Edna and Arlene Schnizelhoff’s Home for Wayard Girls. The occupants of the school along with Sheldon Schnizelhoff (son of either Edna or Arlene, neither will say) shun Clara and make her life a living nightmare.

It is Christmas Eve day and we find the children hurrying on their way to morning class. Clara, trying to catch up, creates havoc in her wake. During recess, a maypole incident leaves Clara in deep trouble and she is given the chore of going into the woods to find a christmas tree. Selecting a tree that she feels is perfect, she returns to the school. Upon seeing the beautiful tree, the children fall upon the tree and badly decorate it.

That evening while the children make their school ready for their annual Christmas and Grog festival, a wealthy patron (and next door neighbor) of the school, Herr Droselmeyer, (and his handsome matinee idol son named Chad) make their yearly visit to the school to hand out presents. The girls, seeing a boy in their school other than Sheldon, react and chase the handsome stranger around the room. Clara who has never seen such a handsome boy, falls in love.

Clara is given a mysterious Nutcracker doll. After a brief dance of excitement, Sheldon snatches up the Nutcracker and smashes it to the floor. Not able to bear watching Clara weep, the handsome boy touches Clara’s hand and fixes the broken toy.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Edna and Arlene enjoy visiting with Herr Doselmeyer. While telling him stories of their youth, Edna and Arlene never see him pour a small beaker of magic into the school’s evening stew.

Clara once again finds herself being punished because Sheldon receives a splinter while smashing her Nutcracker. Forced to peel potatoes before bed, she tires and drifts off to sleep. Several of the students, knowing that Arlene Schnizelhoff adds vodka to her holiday Borden Blue Buns, sneak off to the kitchen to sample the fare.

Having awakened, Clara finds that as a result of eating the magically enhanced stew, several of the school children have been turned into rats and that Sheldon has become their king. A brief battle for control of the school ensues and Droselmeyer arrives to create reinforcements. The tree that was once badly decorated grows to gigantic proportions and becomes a thing of beauty. Chad, who has transformed into the Nutcracker, battles the Rat King. Sheldon is defeated the children are returned to their prior state and it begins to snow.

Clara is shown a mysterious little door in the school and given a map and a bag containing articles by “The Queen of the Snow Fairies”. She is then told by the “Queen of The Snow Fairies” that the door leads to a world were her Clara’s parents are. Clara is also warned that she must stay to the map and avoid “The Evil Snow Queen” at all costs. ”The Queen of the Fairies” explains that Clara must exchange the articles in the bag to help her on her journey once she reaches the other world.

Act 2

Once through the door, Clara enters the most beautiful world that she has ever seen. All the Townspeople move at lightning speed and almost run her and Chad Down. Clara finds a town person who can read the map and tells her that she needs to take a bus to the Land of Sweets. Finding that the bus is half the cost of the money the Queen of the Snow Fairies gave her, Clara sets off on her first task……trying to make change.

A bolt of lightning flashes across the sky sent by“The Evil Snow Queen” who has heard rumors of a little girl who is traveling with a companion to rescue her parents from a Far off Land called The Amazon Jungle. “The Evil Snow Queen” wonders why this little girl would be given such a strange path to a place that she herself has never heard of. Enraged that she had to hear of this journey through gossip she flies into a plan that will rid the world of this little girl and her companion. “The Evil Snow Queen” releases her minions “The Dark Ones” to find and destroy Clara.

Fleeing from the arrival of “The Evil Snow Queen”, Clara is forced to stray off the path, head down the hill, cross over the tracks, pass a field and end up on “The Wrong Side of the Tracks”. Entering “The Wrong Side of the Tracks”, Clara and Chad are shocked to find that they are hiding in a dive bar where they meet the Diveins. The Divenins who are lead by “Big Mama” help Clara and Chad plan their route to find Clara’s parents. While at the bar the Dark Ones close in. “Big Mama” has told them that they need to make it to the Land of Sweets and hands them change. The Dark Ones break through the door and Clara and Chad run for their lives.

While waiting for “The Bus to the land of sweets”, Clara and Chad encounter “The Klumps”. Because of the extra weight on the bus, it breaks down in a magical forest where they find the Land of Dolls. There, Beautiful Dolls are trapped in a magical spell by “The Ice Queen” who feels that because of her ugly looks that nothing of beauty can ever leave. They are told by the Head of the Dolls that he Castle of “The Ice Queen” is just up the path. Entering the castle they find (according to the map) that they need to get a key from a magical statue named Lola. Once inside the castle they encounter “The Ice Queen” and (either her son, or the Snow Queen’s son) Flake.

Having melted “The Ice Queen” with a magic bag of salt, (given to her by “The Queen of The Snow Fairies”) Clara and Chad continue on their journey and end up at Sugar Plum Industries. At Sugar Plum Industries (where their main import/export business is cosmetics), Clara receives a make over from Shuge Plum and his fairies.

With a new lease on life Clara and Chad continue on their journey to find her parents and destroy“The Evil Snow Queen”. Along the way they enter a magical garden where they meet “Petunia” a weed in the Garden of the Flowers who needs help fitting in.

After helping Petunia Clara and Chad find that they are hungry (having no food since they entered this new world) enter a land made of cheese that is overrun with mice. Teaching the mice to dance, Clara and Chad enlist their new warriors and lead the mice along the path to the castle of “The Evil Snow Queen”.

The Evil Snow Queen, ever alert, see Clara and Chad enter her castle which forces her to again unleash” The Dark Ones”. Clara and Chad run for their life followed by the mice from The Land of Cheese. As “The Evil Snow Queen” closes in, one of the Mice slips her a piece of cheese. Due to the fact that “The Evil Snow Queen” is lactose intolerant, her throat closes up and she suffocates.

Having been freed from” The Evil Snow Queen’s” grip the “Dark Ones” bring Clara to meet her parents who have been stewing in “The Evil Snow Queen’s” cooking pot.

After being released from “The Evil Snow Queen’s” cooking pot, Clara’s parents take the gold that they have hidden (while on their smelting trip in The Amazon) under their hat’s, and buy the school owned by the Schnizelhoff’s. The Mayor of Bulgaria swoops in and has the Schnizelhoff’s evicted.

Everyone (except the Schnizelhoff’s) live’s Happily Ever After.

The End

All Written and Electronic rights for “One Tough Nut” are Copywritten and Owned
by Geoffrey Doig-Marx